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 Sunglasses, Take A Closer Look; Cheap vs. Good 

(Fair Oaks, CA) ---Solar Protective Factory (SPF®) April 1, 2010

If you are reading this at the SPF Store Website then you are very likely aware of the need to protect your skin from sun exposure, specifically, ultraviolet (UV) light. You are also very likely aware that your eyes also need protection from UV light. Our quality sunglasses can easily be worn with contact lenses to protect your eyes and allow you to see clearly.

But, you may not be aware of the danger to your eyes from wearing those cheap, flea-market-variety sunglasses.

Here’s the problem… when any sunglasses shade your eyes it causes the iris to open and let in light to compensate for the created “darkness.”

Cheaply made sunglasses allow UV rays to keep streaming directly into the eyes. Remember, the eyes are artificially fooled into opening up more to allow more light in. So now these dilated eyes are being seared with UVA and UVB straight into the retina. This is a major cause of cataracts* and other ocular maladies.

So what do you do to protect your eyes from UV light? Well, for starters, don’t let UV rays enter your eyes if you can avoid it. But for the sake of your sight, don’t ever let UV rays into your dilated eyes! How do you do this?

G E T   P R O T E C T I O N Good sunglasses will eliminate exposure to UV rays completely. They also offer excellent other features such as polarization to reduce glare and photochromic technology that will adjust to changing light conditions.

ANSI. Look for American National Standards Institute mark to be sure The glasses are in compliance with the highest manufacturing standards.

*Little know cataract fact: Many of the sheep that live on the southern tip of South America where the ozone has a hole in it are blind because of cataracts.

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