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Are you really protected? Don’t be bambooziled. 

(Fair Oaks, CA) ---Solar Protective Factory (SPF®) March 16, 201

Sun protective industry founders are challenging others in the industry to come clean. Recent information may lead to a crisis in confidence over misleading claims that fabrics of unknown composition and improperly labeled apparel products haven’t been thoroughly tested to U.S. standards and certified to achieve a safe UPF level.

“It’s time for the truth about sun protective clothing to be revealed. There are products out there that claim to have an SPF rating when only liquid sunscreens can have an SPF rating. Apparel is only rated on a UPF scale,” said Harvey Schakowsky, CEO of the Solar Protective Factory.

“We discovered that many fabrics do not offer adequate protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays when be began testing fabrics in 1989. When we formed our company twenty years ago (in 1990) there were no standards for sun protective apparel. We worked with the FDA, FTC, CPSC, ASTM and AATCC for more than five years to develop our U.S. standards for sun protective apparel and fabrics. The U.S. standards are the most stringent in the world yet there are many companies selling in the U.S. who only use Australian/New Zealand standards or who simply proclaim their products are ultraviolet protective,” Schakowsky added.

“Fabrics and apparel products developed and produced by the Solar Protective Factory have every lot tested and certified by an independent laboratory. We also follow U.S. governmental guidelines on truth in labeling and advertising by having full disclosure of our product contents and point of origin,” said Terry Breese President of the Solar Protective Factory. “Additionally, we are committed to keeping our customers informed about the efficacy of new products and developments in sun protective apparel. At the same time it is also our responsibility to expose inaccurate and, even dangerous, products that come on the market under the guise of sun protective clothing.”

In the past 6 months the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged several companies with false and misleading advertising and labeling who were marketing bamboo fabrics. Among the most egregious charges were the claims that bamboo-based fabrics were anti-microbial and environmentally sustainable (or “green”) all of which is not true. In fact bamboo fibers made into fabric, sun protective or not, is treated with such harsh chemicals that it can only be labeled as rayon. Rayon is one of the most environmentally damaging fabrics that are engineered and when bamboo fibers are dipped into the rayon-making chemicals it also loses its anti-microbial properties and can no longer be labeled as bamboo.

The FTC warns the public that the misleading and deceptive practice of labeling bamboo that has been turned into rayon will not be tolerated. Their admonishment states, “Don’t be bambooziled.” “We have chosen to do our best to provide UV safe and environmentally conscientious products in all Solar Protective products. Anyone who has had skin cancer or who just wants to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays deserves no less than the truth about the products they are buying. We have made the decision to avoid exposing our customer to unnecessary chemical treatments and not jump on the bamboo bandwagon until it can be safely produced,” said Breese.

“I spent years as chairman of the ASTM committee to come up with standards that assure the end-user the sun protective clothing they are buying perform to the level they expect. The Solar Protective Factory is diligent in monitoring our own products as well as other products offered as “UV protective.” We are disappointed in many of the so-called “protective and environmentally friendly” products on the market from companies that are just trying to make a quick buck. We will not jeopardize our customers health or in any way try to ‘bamboozle’ them like others are today,” concluded Schakowsky.

The Solar Protective Factory is celebrating its 20th year in business this year. A full line of certified UV protective apparel products and accessories are available at along with UV protective fabrics at .

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